Learn How You Can Improve Your Self Esteem Today. Written by a Woman for a Woman.

If you are a woman looking to work on your self-esteem then this book has been written specifically for you.

As women, we are under pressure to be perfect. We must lose weight, look good, run the house, raise the kids, hold down a job, and on it goes. The media gives us this vision of the “perfect” woman which is totally unrealistic and leaves us feeling we are not good enough. Society does not teach us how to improve our self-esteem, or how to trust and appreciate ourselves.

This book addresses that.

  • Discover how to trust yourself, build a strong self-esteem, find your confidence and be happier.
  • Stop focusing on the negative things in your life which get you down and lower your self-esteem.
  • Learn what causes low self-esteem and how to do something about it.
  • Accept your imperfection and learn to love yourself just as you are.
  • Change your thinking and empower yourself and your self-esteem.
  • Learn to focus on yourself, on the things you would like to change or improve about yourself.
  • Learn to like yourself and others will like you too.
  • 9 easy to read chapters.

Ditch Your Self-Doubt and Finally Feel Good About Yourself.

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