WordPress gets critical patch for nasty XSS flaw | PCWorld

IF YOUR SITE HASN’T AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED ITSELF, YOU NEED TO GO IN AND DO THIS UPDATE MANUALLY Developers of the popular WordPress blogging platform have released a critical security update to fix a vulnerability that can be exploited to take over websites.WordPress 4.2.3, released Thursday, resolves a cross-site scripting (XSS) […]

Help for Women to improve their Self-Esteem

If you are a woman looking to work on your self-esteem then this book has been written specifically for you.
As women, we are under pressure to be perfect. We must lose weight, look good, run the house, raise the kids, hold down a job, and on it goes. The media gives us this vision of the “perfect” woman which is totally unrealistic and leaves us feeling we are not good enough. Society does not teach us how to improve our self-esteem, or how to trust and appreciate ourselves.

How to Crop and Edit WordPress Post Thumbnails

This post thumbnail editor plugin might be just what the doctor ordered. Are you frustrated with automated WordPress post thumbnail sizes which crops the image from the middle cutting off the sides? Looking for an easy solution to properly crop and scale post thumbnails? In this article, we will show […]