What an eLearning Team Really Looks like

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So you’ve got an eLearning project to do, but you’re not sure who should be on your team or be involved? Here are the people you need to consider.

The Project Owner

This is the person who kicked the project off and has the ultimate power (and probably funding) for the project. This might be the CEO, Head of Department, Faculty Dean, etc. These people probably won’t come to regular meetings but will require regular updating on the project’s progress from the project manager.

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

These are the lecturers, teachers and trainers who have the content knowledge. Without them you have no content. They will have varying degrees of experience with teaching online and some will never have taught online before. So there will be more hand holding for some than others. Many are used to teaching solo, and may be used to preparing things last minute which can create problems for the project time-line if expectations are not clearly laid out early on.

Project Manager

This is the person responsible for keeping the project on track. They map out the time-line, ensure documentation is kept up-to-date, and co-ordinate the members of the team.

Instructional Designers (ID)

At a basic level IDs take the content from the SMEs and mold it into a course for the level of student prescribed. For more information see What is an Instructional Designer?

Graphic Designer

Whilst IDs can often do basic graphic manipulation, for more complex graphic design you will need a graphic designer. Depending on their specialty they can create 2D and 3D images, illustrations, typography and so on. These may not be available in house and are often contracted in.


You may need a professionally shot piece of video. Though often teachers shoot their own video clips these days thanks to the advent of smart phones and laptops with cameras. Videographers  are not usually available in house and are often contracted in.

Authoring Tools Person

There are a great number of authoring tools available now, Jane Hart has over 1000 listed on her site. IDs are often experienced in a number of tools but you may need to contract in expertise you don’t have in-house.

Voice Over

Sometimes you need narration that your SME or ID can’t provide or isn’t suitable for. Perhaps, for example, you are doing a promotional video and you need a more generic accent. Voice talent can be hired for these specific aspect of the project.


If you want to provide a course in multiple languages you need a translator. Again, contract in if you don’t have this expertise in-house.

Technology Expert

These are the people who look after the server and the Learning Management System. If you are not self hosting, these folks will be part of the team supporting the platform you use.

Who have I missed out? Let me know in the comments.