Content Chunking: The basis of good eLearning design

“Chunking is a method of presenting information which splits concepts into small pieces or “chunks” of information to make reading and understanding faster and easier. Chunking is especially useful for material presented on the web because readers tend to scan for specific information on a web page rather than read the page sequentially.” (Wikipedia)

In eLearning terms chunking is about breaking up the content into a logical flow and presenting information in bite size pieces so learners are no overwhelmed.

Start at the highest level. With a book, this would be chapters. With eLearning break content into modules, lessons and topics. What you call these is not important. Some might call a module a learning pathway for example. But what ever you call them the idea is to get the content into ever smaller bites.

Once you have the module-lesson-topic structure you can then decide what goes on each screen/page. Present one chunk of information per screen/page.

How are you chunking content? Let us know in the comments.

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