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I’ve recently started following Sarah Cordiner after doing one of her courses. She has sooo much energy; her out put is phenomenal. Such enthusiasm and willingness to share. And no, this is not a paid post LOL.

One of the things Sarah has inspired me to do is ramp up what I am doing to reach out to my audience. I used to curate content years ago, way before it became a thing, but I stopped doing it when I became ill and had to stop full time work.

So only two days ago, yes TWO DAYS, I resurrected the process and have had great results. On Facebook insights this week – Actions on Page are up 100%, Page Views are up 400%, Reach is up 32%, and Post Engagement is up 65%. And I’ve gained one new like. I’d say THAT’S A WIN.

I’m using a free Buffer account so I can only post out to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Buffer lets you queue up posts so you can get a few done in advance and let Buffer do its work. It can also analyze what’s the best time to post out on the various social media.

Finding content to curate is not hard. I’m using Google Alerts to find content. Just plug in the keywords for your area and Google will email you with content it finds. I’ve set this to come daily. I just look through it once a day and queue relevant posts in Buffer. Easy.

You’ve no doubt seen those inspiring quotes on images that seem so popular. They are also easy to do with Buffer. I’m using Good Reads to find quotes. I’ve made a document with the ones I like and can keep track of those I’ve used and when. Buffer has a link to Pablo where you can easily create these image posts. Use their extensive repository of images or upload your own. Then you add your text and upload to your Buffer queue. Again Easy!

So this will now become part of my regular routine again. Unlike in the past, it’s now quick and easy and actually quite fun.

How do you reach out to your audience? Let me know in the comments.

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